Gyms and fitness centres – is your insurance cover in good shape?

Stay fighting fit this year with our guidance on cover for gyms and fitness centres.


From marathons to obstacle courses, people are undertaking more efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Gyms and fitness centres provide a communal space to build your routine, but they –like any other business– find themselves subject to various risks.  

Good intentions gone wrong

Passion is important, but so are procedures. Without a suitable system in place business owners could be faced with a number of challenges. Likewise, the very enthusiasm which brought a person to the gym can become a catalyst for incidents. Below are a few scenarios to be aware of:


  • Badly returned equipment impacts those who come to use it next. For example, dumbbells might fall and injure an individual
  • Defective equipment presents similar issues if left unattended, and must be addressed as soon as possible
  • The spacing of machines and cables must be considered; give users enough space to exercise safely and with confidence.


  • Slippery floors are a surefire way to invite trouble – facility owners should have a system in place to clean affected areas quickly
  • Personal belongings: bags should be stored away safely, and if users drop items such as phones or earbuds during their session, proper care must be taken to retrieve them
  • Distractions, such as looking at what other gym users are doing, can bring about slips, trips and much more.


The above scenarios go hand-in-hand with one factor: poor instruction. ‘Lead by example’ is paramount in such facilities, wherein good practice must be implemented across all levels of the business. An inadequately trained instructor will only pass on insufficient knowledge, and users will replicate those behaviours. 

What can business owners do to manage these risks?

We know that not all incidents can be avoided, but our team of specialists can offer guidance to reduce accidents where possible, and arrange suitable cover to protect gyms and fitness centres should anything arise.

At Clear we make a point of getting to learn more about you and your business, tailoring cover to fit your requirements. Covers can include: 

  • Third-party liability including for slips, trips, falls and lifting injuries
    Employers' liability insurance for your staff including temporary workers
  • Cover for your buildings and any other structures you are responsible for
  • Loss or damage to contents, plant and machinery, stock and merchandise
  • Loss of revenue caused by an interruption to your business activities
  • All-risks cover for your activities equipment, such as weights and exercise machines, sports equipment, and more.

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