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At Clear, we have a specialist Employee Benefits team that will work with you to source a tailored solution for your business and your people.

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In an increasingly competitive recruitment market, you need to do all you can to stand out from the competition – and Employee Benefits packages can offer a competitive advantage in attracting talented individuals to your business.

Equally, Employee Benefits can help retain highly valued and productive employees, keeping them loyal, motivated and happy. We recognise that every business is unique. Our dedicated and experienced Employee Benefits team will guide you on the best solutions for your business and your unique circumstances.

Why this service?

Whether you’re looking to offer a tailored employee benefits solution to reduce absenteeism or attract and retain high-calibre staff, we can help.

Employee Benefits

Group Private Medical

Coverage for medical expenses incurred outside of the NHS within a private facility, in the UK or internationally

Employee Benefits

Group Life Assurance

Pays out a lump sum to a named beneficiary upon death (also known as Death in Service)

Employee Benefits

Group Income Protection

Provides employees with financial support if they are unable to work for a long period of time due to illness or injury

Employee Benefits

Group Critical Illness

Pays employees a tax-free lump sum if they are diagnosed with a life-altering medical condition

Employee Benefits

Health Cash Plans

Helps employees pay for routine medical expenses, such as eye tests, dental treatments and prescriptions

Employee Benefits

Dental Insurance

Offers employees financial help with the cost of minor or major dental treatments

Employee Benefits

Employee Assistance Programmes

Also known as EAP, this benefit provides support with issues that might be impacting an employee's overall health and wellbeing

Employee Benefits

Health Screening

Give employees peace of mind with an in-depth health check that can assess their health and wellbeing, and help identify any potential risks

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Frequently asked questions

So, what are Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits include various types of non-salary benefits in addition to the employee’s normal salary. 

Popular insurance-based benefits include Private Medical Insurance, Group Life (Death in Service), Group Income Protection and Health Cash Plans along with many types of covers offering wellbeing support, savings and discounts and general peace of mind for your employees. If you are looking to implement these covers as a flexible benefits scheme, then we can also support you through this whole process.

Why would I offer my employees a benefits package?

One of the main reasons a business would implement employee benefits is to support both recruitment and retention of staff by rewarding them in different ways. 

When an employee is looking for the right business to work for, often they are looking for much more than just a salary these days, they want a rounded package that will offer security, peace of mind and the knowledge they are working for a business that truly cares about them.

Additionally, from the business’s perspective, this can also help to reduce sickness absence or provide support in offering a sickness absence solution for the business.

How can an Employee Benefits package be tailored to suit my business and budget?

When it comes to Employee Benefits, one size does not fit all. So, whether you’re a young start-up employing just a handful of staff or a
medium-sized business that’s continuing to expand, we can help you choose the best option to suit your budget and your workforce.

What value does an Employee Benefits package offer to staff?

Income protection insurance, for example, can be too expensive for employees to afford by themselves. So, by offering this protection as part
of an Employee Benefits package, you not only enable them to enjoy a level of financial security that they’d likely struggle to pay for on their own, you also show them how much they’re valued by your company. 

Can an Employee Benefits package have a positive impact on staff attendance?

Healthier employees mean fewer sick days and better attendance at work. Tackling the causes of absenteeism (and presenteeism, which can affect morale) can create significant cost savings and show a long-term return on investment in employee healthcare, making this a win-win for you and your staff.

How can an Employee Benefits package support staff recruitment and retention?

Employee Benefits have become increasingly important in recruiting and retaining employees. Offering an appealing benefits plan could help
you attract those skilled and sought-after candidates you need for your business, while boosting your current employees wellbeing, morale and productivity.

Can Employee Benefits incentivise performance?

Offering your employees a competitive benefits package can have a significant positive effect on engagement, productivity and wellbeing. In fact, research suggests that improved workforce morale correlates with increased and sustained productivity, reduced employee turnover rates, improved job satisfaction, engagement and staff loyalty.

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