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Have you considered this impact and how long it would take for the business to recover from such a loss, compared to your material assets? Many business owners fear they may not be able to trade beyond 12 months. So, ask yourself, how might your company suffer if it lost someone?

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Protect your key individuals

The focus often only lies with the loss of material items and not the impact of losing a key individual which can be even more significant and damaging. We can help you consider and protect the impact to your company should you lose one of your key individuals or business partners.

Why this service?

We can help you protect your business and make it more resilient by advising on and sourcing plans that provide financial assurances and solutions.

Business Protection

Key Person Insurance

Access to a cash lump sum that would be paid to the business should the individual pass away or be diagnosed with a critical illness

Business Protection

Shareholder Protection

Financial support for business owners to purchase the shares of a deceased or incapacitated shareholder so the control of the business remains with surviving partners

Business Protection

Relevant Life

A single Death in Service benefit in the event of the insured passing away, their next of kin would receive a financial lump sum to provide support

Business Protection

Executive Income Protection

Access to a company income protection scheme again for one or two individuals if the insured becomes incapacitated through sickness or injury

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Frequently asked questions

What is Key Person Insurance?

Key Person Insurance and Shareholder Protection Plans offer access to a life insurance only or life and critical illness cash lump sum. These would be paid to the business should the individual pass away or be diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses noted by the insurer.

How does Shareholder Protection work?

With Shareholder Protection, business owners receive financial support to buy a deceased or incapacitated shareholder's share, ensuring control of the business stays with the surviving partners.

What protection can a Relevant Life Plan offer?

A Relevant Life Plan acts as a single death-in-service benefit. If the insured passed away, their next of kin would receive a financial lump sum to support them. These plans are often used when cover is required for just one or two employees or to top up an existing Group Life benefit.

What are the advantages in using Executive Income Protection?

Instead of rolling out income protection to the business on a group basis, an Executive Income Protection scheme can be offered to just one or two individuals. This income protection will provide a replacement income should that individual become incapacitated through sickness or injury.

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