• October 7, 2020

Launching our new risk management service for legal templates and guidance

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Sparqa Legal to offer our clients a cost-effective online legal platform to help answer legal questions and create documents without the help of a lawyer.

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Why is Sparqa Legal’s platform so useful?

The platform is useful for start-ups and small and medium enterprises.

The average small-medium enterprise (SME) is likely to encounter more than 8 legal issues a year, and with lawyers charging around £250 per hour, the traditional law model is just too expensive, offline and inaccessible for their needs.

Sparqa Legal solves many of these problems by providing a high-quality and cost-effective digital lawyer service for UK businesses. The online portal enables you to create Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), T&Cs, staff contracts and much more at a fraction of the cost of using a lawyer.


4 additional reasons to buy a Sparqa Legal subscription:

  1. Create simple and quick customised legal contracts, policies and documents from over +370 templates, which can be saved, stored and downloaded
  2. Find reliable answers to legal questions and practical guidance in straightforward English with no jargon
  3. The service covers all key areas of business law and is written, maintained and kept up to date by an in-house team of experienced lawyers
  4. Save time, stress and thousands of pounds a year by using a simple online solution rather than working with an expensive lawyer.

Full access to this online platform only costs just £69.30 plus VAT per year (which includes a 30% discount exclusive to Clear clients).


Risk management concerns: We're here to help

If you'd like to discuss the Sparqa Legal platform or any of the other services we offer, then please get in touch with us below.

Find out more about our risk management services here.

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