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Public Liability

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What happens next?

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Insurers may appoint a Loss Adjuster or Claims Investigator

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Under legal process, subject to MOJ portal timeframes

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Outside the Portal, insurers have 3 months for liability decisions

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If liability is accepted, medical evidence is required

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Panel Solicitors could be appointed

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Can go to trial if liability and value challenged

Frequently asked claims questions

Answers to questions that you might find useful. Can't find what you're looking for? Get in touch, our dedicated claims team will be happy to help.

What is the excess?

There is nil excess on Public Liability personally injury claims, but a property related claim under a Public Liability policy will attract a policy excess.

Will my premium increase following a claim?

Possibly, however difficult to confirm as other claims under the policy will be considered in addition, market conditions will also be relevant and until the claim settles reserves are applied based on information available at the time.

What documentation is needed to assist with a liability review?

Accident book entry, RIDDOR (if applicable), accident investigation, witness statements, RAMS, CCTV & images.

How long will my claim take?

It is difficult to advise, and every claim is different. We will ensure we monitor your claim from report to ensure the claim is progressing. We will provide an update to you, when necessary.

How Long do I have to report a claim?

Generally, insurers require you to report all matters as soon as you are aware, or the incident happens.  Please consult your policy Terms & Conditions to confirm any specific requirements.

How is settlement calculated?

This is based on medical evidence and should reflect the claimants injury, pain, suffering and loss along with any loss of earnings. The claimants Solicitors costs and any defence or investigation costs our insurers incur will also be factored in. 

If a claim is paid how will this affect me, aside from possible premium increases?

Risk management recommendations might be enforced, policy conditions/endorsements might be applied dependent on the circumstances of loss.

Will I have to attend Court?

If liability is denied and the claimants Solicitors do not accept this then yes trial is a possibility, however often insurers will review whether a commercial settlement might be more cost effective.

What if I disagree with insurers liability decision?

Once the claim is placed with insurers, whilst we do have input and can steer them, ultimately they decide (with the assistance of panel solicitors/loss adjusters/claims investigators) how the claim will progress. If you fundamentally disagree with a liability decision you can request insurers stand down and obtain your own legal advice to progress however this will be at your own cost.